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BET 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to Usher

The 2024 Bet Awards is live in LA; and why not salute Usher this year for his achievements in music entertainment. The only artist I know that they gave him his own quarter to perform at the superbowl 2024, setting the tone for rnb in 2024 with his most recent masterpiece "Coming Home" . Shout out to Usher with maintaining relevancy and staying consistant over the years . Usher is really a GOAT when it comes to this entertainment industry..

Are you going to be there, or watching on tv? What are your top 5 usher songs, favorite usher album? The real question who would you like or think BET chose to pay tribute to Ush at this year award show.

BET AWARDS JUNE 30TH, 2004, the best way o close out Black Music Month. and look for him headline Essence Festival this year. 2024 is definitely Usher GOAT year, what do u think? Leave in the comments


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