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Drake vs Kendrick Propaganda

Im still has been trying to figure out why would Drake want to keep this up, he either want a feature or collab with west but don't want to admit to it. If you going to go song 4 song, bar 4 bar with a artist like Kendrick you need a stronger writer ... but i figure it out.

Drake has collaborate with every one in the industry and took their fanbase and music to the next level but as in the last record K. dot just "Not one of us" . Kendrick is different he's not selling out to no mainstream illuminatii shit, he's gonna come give his fans and followers good quality classic music while representing where he come from, real shit, call it gemini shit. Know Gemini Season is approaching. It's still all promo, Drake is like shoot if we can collaborate lets create this beef battle give us both promo. it's working , but it's working for K. dot because he's doing his job every time. So don't get caught up like this is a beef, just enjoy the new era the evolution of marketing and promotions . If you want to pick a side pick a side, because both a great artist have hits, but this is all a distraction of the greater shift in music, music business, and the shift in the industry ... That's just my opinion , feel free to drop a comment and share how u feel.

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