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Navigating the Hilariously Harmonious Journey of a New Jazz and Blues Artist

Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts! Welcome to the whimsical world of Alison Wit One "L," your friendly neighborhood jazz and blues singer. Today, I invite you to join me on a hilarious, cute, and quirky adventure as I share my journey as a new artist. From my love affair with music ignited by the legendary "Flashdance" to the joyous mishaps and triumphs along the way, buckle up for a toe-tapping tale that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

The Flashdance Spark

Picture this: a young Alison, wide-eyed and filled with wonder, watching the iconic movie "Flashdance" for the very first time. As I witnessed the raw passion and mesmerizing dance moves on screen, a fire ignited within my soul. But here's the thing - instead of aspiring to be a graceful dancer like Alex Owens, I found myself belting out the unforgettable tunes and dreaming of singing on stage. Talk about a plot twist! And so, my love affair with music began, with jazz and blues capturing my heart like a catchy melody.

The Ups and Downs of a New Artist

Ah, the joyous rollercoaster ride of being a new artist. From the giddy excitement of performing in front of a live audience to the nerve-wracking moments of forgetting the lyrics mid-song, I've experienced it all. Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of stepping onto the stage, only to realize you've left your lucky charm backstage. Cue the frantic backstage dance as you try to find it before the spotlight hits you! Oh, the glamorous life of an artist!

Quirks and Charms

Being a jazz and blues artist comes with its fair share of quirks and charms. Picture this: me, Alison, belting out soulful tunes in a smoky jazz club, only to have my voice crack at the most unexpected moments. It's like a secret jazz initiation ritual! And let's not forget the adorable mishaps, like accidentally stepping on the microphone cord and doing an impromptu tap dance routine. Jazz and blues may be all about soul, but a little quirkiness never hurt anyone!

Finding the Funny

In this journey, laughter becomes my trusty sidekick. Whether it's the hilarious banter with fellow musicians during jam sessions or the comical moments of trying to hit those high notes during rehearsals, laughter keeps me going. After all, what's life without a good chuckle? So, dear readers, join me in finding the humor in the imperfections, the quirks, and the delightful mishaps that make being a new artist all the more charming.


And there you have it, my dear friends - a glimpse into the uproarious, cute, and quirky world of Alison Wit One "L," the jazz and blues artist extraordinaire. From the "Flashdance" spark that ignited my passion for music to the hilarious moments that define my journey, I embrace every twist and turn with a smile. So, let's raise our imaginary microphones and toast to the joys of being a new artist - a journey filled with laughter, soulful tunes, and an unwavering love for jazz and blues. Until next time, keep grooving and keep smiling!

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Dec 15, 2023

Thanks for introducing yourself to the group, Alison! Thanks for trying out this feature that allows select people in the Floor62 community to write blogs. As Floor62 grows, we all grow.

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