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Songwriting Fiesta!

Hey there, wonderful souls! I'm Alison, or as I like to say, Alison with One L. Today, I'm bubbling with excitement and can't wait to dive into a musical journey that's, quite literally, "just for me." You know, like that catchy 90's hair commercial jingle – "Just for me, just for me" – cue the hair flip and a sly look at the camera. Oh, the nostalgia!

Tonight, I'm gearing up to write a song that feels tailor-made for my soul. It's like slipping into a comfortable pair of well-worn shoes or finding that perfect slice of pizza; it just fits. The excitement is palpable, and I can't wait to share what I'm about to create.

As I sit here, pen in hand and thoughts racing through my mind, I can't help but reflect on the journey that brought me to this moment. I've written countless songs before, each one a piece of my heart and soul, but tonight feels different. This beat, this melody – it's uniquely crafted just for me, like a personal serenade from the universe.

So, here's to the night ahead, to the melodies waiting to be discovered, and to the words eager to find their place in the symphony of my song. Tonight, I write not just for me but for anyone who resonates with the joy that happens when passion meets melody.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of my musical creation – it's going to be a treat for the ears and the heart. Cheers to the power of music and the joy of sharing it with the world!



Jan 06

I can’t wait to hear it! Sing your heart out, and have fun!

Replying to

I am so excited....

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