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Superbowl 58 aka Usher Bowl

The highest watched half time show in history, 158 million viewers Usher takes the crown. If you ever doubted Usher; he proved to all this past weekend hes a true GOAT, and you better get yout tickets when he come to a city near you this year.

Usher was suppose to give us 15 minutes of entertainment , which ended up being 13 min. Some say they were cheated 2 mins, but it might been 15 min on the field. but Usher and friends put o a hell of a show for Atlanta and the world. From Alicia Keys to HER with her guitar solo on "U Got it bad" , to bringing skaters and "mr turn down for what out" lil Jon. Lets not pay tribute to Micheal Jackson with the cloth. Shout to his show stylist for the show, they created an iconic usherbowl look. Not to mention ending the show with "yeah" that just went Diamond. All i know is I'm definitely trying not miss one of these usher concerts. Usher didn't do any new songs from his latest, "Coming Home". It's not like he had to, he remind us he's that one and he brought the A to the world.

Speaking of new music Usher's recent "Coming Home" album is another classic body of work. It sets the tone for the standard of music coming out for this year, 2024. I do have a couple favorite jamz, but the whole album is a. skip free party good feeling piece of work. Check out what I know to be the next single "A town girl" feauturing the new princesses of the south Latto.

Usher also just broke another record being the only other black male artist outside of his idol Micheal Jackson to have a diamond album and diamond single at the same time. Congrats to him for the "Confessions" album and the single "Yeah" . Congrats ti Usherr being able tom maintain his relevance til this dayhaving a 30 year and counting carreer. If thats not Goat Status; just know when u mention U S H E R R AYMOND you gotta put much respect on it.


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