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The Rise of Social Desert: Revolutionizing Party and Entertainment


The year 2020 marked a significant turning point for my friend Jason, who has remarkably transformed the landscape of social gatherings and entertainment. His journey from `conceptualizing 'Social Desert' to invigorating the nightlife of Hollywood is not just a story of success but a testament to his innovative spirit and ability to bring people together in the most challenging times.

The Birth of Social Desert

In a time when the world paused, and the vibrancy of parties and DJ gigs came to a sudden halt, Jason saw an opportunity. Social Desert was born from a simple yet powerful idea: creating a space for celebration and music when traditional venues were no longer an option. The concept was straightforward - drive to the desert, set up a venue, and bring the party to life.

The Execution

Jason's execution of Social Desert was nothing short of impressive. He went above and beyond, not just by hiring DJs but also by transforming the barren desert into a lively party spot. Mowing lawns, setting up tents, and ensuring electricity with generators, he created an oasis of entertainment in the midst of nothingness.

The Evolution to Hollywood

Fast forward to today, and Jason is a prominent figure in the Hollywood nightlife, extending the same infectious energy and good vibes along Hollywood Boulevard. His venture, 'Hollywood After Hours,' is a reflection of his dedication to reviving and redefining the party scene.

Upcoming Event: A Live Podcast on the 16th

Our excitement is through the roof as we prepare to go live on the 16th, diving deep into discussions about the present achievements and future aspirations of this incredible journey. Jason, who proudly carries the legacy of being The Legendary James Brown’s Grandson, is more than a figure in show business; he's a hardworking, innovative individual and a dear friend doing remarkable things.

Join Us and Win!

To be a part of this exciting journey and our upcoming podcast, tickets are available for purchase. And there's more! Attendees will stand a chance to win a PS5 courtesy of Social Desert Camp and Floor62 Radio - a gesture reflecting the spirit of giving back and celebration that Jason embodies.


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