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🎶 Unlock New Musical Horizons with Floor62 & Collaborate to Prosper! 🚀

What’s up, creatives and innovators! It's J.Soul, here to throw open the doors to a universe of collaboration and financial growth opportunities with me and my venture, Floor62. Whether you’re a musician, designer, writer, DJ, entrepreneur, or an all-around creative spirit, there’s a spot for you to shine and earn alongside us. Here's how we can make magic happen together:

For Musicians & Vocalists:

Get Featured on Floor62 Radio: Have your tracks broadcasted to a wider audience on our internet radio station. Perfect for artists seeking exposure and fanbase growth.

Music Production Collaboration: Leverage my skills in playing keys, sax, and drums, along with my expertise in mixing and mastering. Together, we can produce sonic masterpieces.

Music Critique Services: Get professional feedback on your tracks to refine and enhance your sound.

For Visual Artists & Designers:

Design Collectibles: Partner with us to design unique collectible items like shirts, hoodies, and bags for our shop. It’s a great way to showcase your artistry and profit from your designs.

Video Editing & Portraiture: If you're looking to blend music with compelling visuals, my video editing skills and portraiture expertise can bring your projects to life.

For Content Creators & Entrepreneurs:

Create a Floor62 Show: Have an idea for a show that aligns with our ethos? Let’s bring it to our audience! Whether it’s music, lifestyle, or entrepreneurship, we’re open to fresh concepts.

Contribute as a DJ or Blog Writer: Join our team of DJs to curate engaging playlists or as a writer to pen down insightful blogs that resonate with our community.

For Everyone Eager to Innovate:

Collaborate and Innovate: Floor62 is more than a platform; it’s a community. We’re always looking for unique ideas to set us apart in the marketplace. Let’s collaborate to bring something new and exciting to our audience.

Dive into the world of opportunities at and let’s create, innovate, and thrive together! Whether you’re looking to showcase your music, art, or entrepreneurial spirit, Floor62 is where your creative visions can soar. Let’s push boundaries and make waves in the creative industry together. Get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate and turn our collective visions into reality.


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