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About Floor62


Who We Are


Founded on June 29, 2021, by Thomas J.Soul Burroughs, Floor62 is your ultimate digital destination for music, finance, community, and much more. J.Soul, an independent artist and music producer hailing from Augusta, GA, brings years of experience in radio, television, and film to create a space like no other.




Our Roots


What started as a song on J.Soul’s album “Bloom,” Floor62 has grown into a dynamic platform. The name was initially inspired by a date in a high-rise and has since transformed into a thriving online community. On March 19, 2022, we launched our 24/7 cloud-based radio station, adding another layer to our diverse offerings.


What We Offer


Floor62 Radio


Stay engaged with our around-the-clock radio station, featuring music and interviews that resonate. Don’t miss the J.Soul morning show to kickstart your day. Check the Radio Schedule

for upcoming Shows.

Floor62 Rooms

Follow, Post, Comment with Gifs, Text, Pictures and Videos. Join the Conversation


Floor62 Bank (Loyalty Program)


Receive Floor62 Tokens to redeem as discounts on select services and/or products on Floor62

Floor62 Amazon Shopping (returning)


Our curated Amazon affiliate links make it easy to find and purchase popular products.


Floor62 Collectibles


Sport the brand with Floor62 hoodies and shirts, available for purchase now!


Floor62 TV & Game Room


Coming soon! Stay tuned for more ways to connect and be entertained.

Floor62 Events

Get Tickets for Events online and physical

Why Floor62?


Community & Visibility

From creators to entrepreneurs, Floor62 offers a platform to make you visible. Our ‘Floor62 Suites’ feature those who have collaborated with us, extending reach and community ties.

Design & Build

Our distinct designs, created by graphic designer Olivia Harper, and the site’s build, courtesy of J.Soul, bring unique flair and functionality to your experience.

Our Mission

Our aim is to offer a private, welcoming environment where you’re entertained and encouraged to return. From monthly online events to in-person gatherings, Floor62 is your space to connect and grow.

The Future


Floor62 is not just a digital platform; it’s a future physical space. We envision Floor62 buildings in multiple locations worldwide, each offering a unique community experience.


Connect With Us


Curious? Follow us on social media or reach out directly. Everyone aged 13 and up is welcome to join and make Floor62 their digital home.

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