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As you step into our world, you're not just exploring a store; you're diving into a haven where each item tells a story. Here, our shelves are lined with an exclusive collection of Collectible Shirts, Hoodies, and More.


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Special Offer Alert! Use code "5 off" at checkout to unlock an exclusive discount. It's our way of saying thank you for bringing a piece of Floor62 into your life.


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Got questions? Looking for more information? Our team is just a message away. Contact us at – we're eager to assist you with any inquiries or provide additional details about our unique collectibles.


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Prefer to place your order by phone? No problem! Send us a text at 1.818.392.4412 or email us your contact details. A dedicated Floor62 representative will call you to smoothly accept your order and process your payment. It’s shopping made convenient, just for you.


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From the heart of Floor62, we thank you for stepping into our world of collectibles. We hope you find that special something that speaks to your style and spirit.

Stay Cozy, Stay Stylish – Floor62


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As you dive into our fantastic collection, remember: Your next great find is just a scroll away! But don't worry if you wander a bit - the "Back to Catalog" and "Store" buttons below are your trusty guides back to our full range of products.


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The Floor62 Collectibles Collection

The “Floor62 Collectibles Collection” offers an exciting range of merchandise featuring the iconic Floor62 logo. This collection is just the beginning, with a variety of items already available and many more in the pipeline. Current offerings include stylish shirts and cozy hoodies, perfect for showing your Floor62 pride. Additionally, we have practical yet fashionable bags, ideal for daily use or special occasions. Keep an eye out for the expansion of this collection, as we’re constantly adding new and unique items to the Floor62 family. Whether for personal use or as a gift, these collectibles are a great way to be part of the Floor62 community. Stay tuned for more!

The "Your Accident Your Money" Collection

Discover the Floor62 x Your Accident Your Money Exclusive Collection!

Join us in a unique collaboration that merges fashion with a cause. Floor62 and Your Accident Your Money present a limited collection featuring two distinctive T-shirts, a thoughtfully designed mug, and a sticker.

Conscious Fashion: Each item in this collection is more than an accessory; it's part of a larger mission to aid and empower those recovering from accidents.

Support with Style: A portion of every sale is dedicated to helping individuals in their recovery journey.

Need Assistance?: For support after an accident, contact 'The Accident Girl' at 888.7MONEY.8.

J.Soul (Founder’s Collection)

The "J.Soul Category" within the Floor62 Collectibles is a special segment of "The Founder’s Collection," dedicated to celebrating the creative journey of J.Soul as an independent artist. This exclusive collection features an array of collectibles inspired by J.Soul's music projects, each piece echoing the essence of his artistic expression. Key highlights include items from his notable works like "Bless Regardless," "84 Soul Music," and "Christ on the Boat." These collectibles not only represent J.Soul's unique musical style but also his journey and evolution as an artist. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to his music, this collection offers a tangible connection to the soulful and impactful artistry of J.Soul. From wearables to memorabilia, each item in this collection is a tribute to his independent spirit and musical prowess.
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