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From AUG to LA

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Embracing the LA Life: My Journey from Augusta to Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city known for its glitz and glamour, is now the place I call home. The journey here wasn't just a physical relocation from Augusta, GA, but a leap into a larger, more vibrant world of opportunities, especially for someone passionate about music and video like myself. The Drive to Dream Big My trusted SUV, Toya, Jason and his dog, Cina and I braved the long drive to LA, proving to the skeptics that passion can indeed fuel long journeys. This move was more than just a change of location; it was a statement of my dedication to my craft. As a musician and content creator, breaking free from the limitations of social media algorithms was crucial. Los Angeles, with its open embrace of creativity, seemed like the perfect place to enhance my production value. Life in the City of Angels LA's streets, a chaotic mix of unnumbered exits and occasionally malfunctioning elevators, present their own set of challenges. But these quirks pale in comparison to the city's vibrant energy. My days here are varied and exciting, starting with a morning ritual of prayer and meditation, followed by jotting down my daily tasks, a method that keeps me aligned and focused. Building a Network and Creating Memories Collaborating with my friend Jason and his family, who have become an integral part of my life, adds to the richness of my LA experience. We share a two-level condo, a symbol of our new beginnings. My social circle has expanded to include amazing people like Martin, 'Marty McFly,' and his Marine buddy 'Keyz,' who introduced me to the First AME Zion Church. Playing the saxophone during a service there was an enriching experience. A highlight of my time here so far was attending a TDE records Toy Drive concert with my artist friend Rina Glover, where we enjoyed performances by Sza and the emerging artist 310 Baby and many others. Rina and I are also collaborating on some Christmas videos, adding to the creative ferment that is LA. Floor62: A Platform for Creative Expression One of my main focuses is building and promoting Floor62, a platform where creativity is unrestricted. It's a space where like-minded individuals can share their work and ideas freely. The excitement of getting the app ready for the App Store and the interaction with people on Floor62 is a daily source of motivation. Advice for Aspiring LA Transplants To anyone considering a move to LA or any other city away from home, my advice is simple: build a network with people who appreciate you and understand your mission. LA's vast landscape of opportunities is best navigated with a supportive community. Looking Ahead I’m looking forward to bigger opportunities, attending and creating events in a city where talent is not just recognized but celebrated. My relocation to LA has broadened my mindset, reinforcing my belief in the abundance of opportunities available to those who seek them. In conclusion, my journey to Los Angeles has been a testament to the power of dreams and the importance of chasing them. As I continue to grow and make my mark in this vibrant city, I invite you all to join me on this adventure and share your stories on Floor62.

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