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Join the Floor62 Radio Family: We're Hiring and Growing Together!

As we continue to expand the vibrant world of Floor62 Radio, we want to start by extending a warm welcome to all the new members who've recently joined our family. Your decision to be part of our journey enriches our community and brings us closer to our mission of delivering unparalleled musical experiences. Thank you for choosing to grow with us.

Floor62 Radio has been your non-stop hub for the best in music and talk since 3/19/2022. Our commitment to providing 24/7 entertainment has only grown stronger, and so has our team. But the beat doesn't stop here; we're on the lookout for more passionate individuals to bring their unique talents to our station.

We're Hiring!

Open Positions:

  • - DJs: Your mixes could be the next big thing our listeners groove to.

  • - Talk Show Hosts: Have engaging conversations that captivate our audience.

  • - Marketing Wizards: Help us spread the word and become the preferred choice for listeners worldwide.

  • - Program Directors: Shape the future of our programming with your vision.

  • - Sound Engineers: Ensure our sound quality remains the best in the business.

A Special Invitation

Artists & Indie Record Labels: We're always eager to discover new music. Join major labels in trusting us to feature your tracks.

Join Our Blog Team

We're also looking to enhance our online presence with more voices and stories. If you have a knack for writing and a passion for music, Floor62's blog could be your next platform. Share your insights, reviews, and music stories with a wider audience.

Thank You to Our Dedicated Team

A huge shoutout to our current team for their hard work and dedication. Your efforts have been pivotal in shaping Floor62 Radio into the platform it is today. We're incredibly proud of what we've accomplished together and excited about what the future holds.

Let's Grow Together

Joining Floor62 means becoming part of a community that values music, creativity, and connection. Let's make history together by creating unforgettable moments and bringing music to life in new and exciting ways.

Ready to embark on this musical journey with us? Dive into the rhythm of Floor62 Radio and help us build a brighter, music-filled future.

Visit us at [] ( To learn more and apply, contact


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