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Risky Business

Hi! I’m Brandi Mazesticeon: Embodied Goddess, Shaman, Medicine Woman, Visionary Entrepreneur and International Best Selling Author. For the past 20+ years, I’ve supported and empowered executives and entrepreneurs as they take their goals and organizations to the next level. During those influential years, I’ve worked with almost every type of client imaginable, and helped them all to achieve their unique measure of success.

I met Thomas during my tenure as a staff member for one of the worlds largest personal and professional development companies. From the beginning I knew Thomas was; as they say, up to something BIG. Thomas has BIG energy and it has been inspiring to watch his emergence as one of the most soulful talents of our time.

Over the years I've discovered that my Passion and my Purpose is to empower others to live the life they've always dreamed of by aligning their goals with their authentic self expression. I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas as he crafted his career trajectory and designed his life flow. Now more than ever I can see the dream that motivates him towards greatness everyday.

Although I no longer work within large organizations, these days I facilitate my own transformational programs and focus my gifts and skills on empowering others to thrive beyond their business by embracing a holistic lifestyle that includes radical self love and empowering authentic community.

My current offerings include; The Divine Initiation, The Flourished Life Wellness Program and Shamanic Retreats in the Ozark Mountains. I am an advocate for Pleasure, Peace and Power.

In a recent interview I did with CanvasRebel, I was asked about my experience in taking a risk and want to share some of the more relevant insights with you here as 2024 is the year to take a risk and succeed!

“In many ways taking risks is a part of my calling/career. Intentionally choosing to take actions with no guarantee of the outcome is a core part of both who I am, and what I do. In particular I remember the moment I realized that it was time for me to share my work in an organized easily accessible way. I was terrified. As a Goddess/Shaman/Medicine Woman there is no template for success and no employee handbook either. I had been effectively supporting leaders and Changemakers for years in a live classroom setting. In 2016, I felt it was time to offer my gifts and services to anyone and everyone who wanted them, and in such a way that they could access the ancient wisdom I possess on demand so to speak. My first challenge was of course, my own self doubt. Although I had been coaching executives and other leaders for years, I struggled to see myself as a teacher; and so was really challenged at the thought of sharing my work in the format of an online course. Yet I knew that the demand for what I was offering was real. After 12 months of deliberating, asking my friends and family for their opinions, making countless lists of the pros and cons of entering the world of online education; I took the plunge, leaving the world’s largest personal professional development company to offer my own body of work to the public. And I’m so glad I did. Almost 7 years later, I still get excited every time anyone registers into one of my online programs. Thanks to the pandemic of 2020, the classroom setting in which I had facilitated previously - also shifted to online course work. So as it turns out, I was ahead of the curve. Over the past seven years I’ve had the pleasure of serving leaders, executives, and every day people through my online courses. As you can imagine the coursework that I offer is quite nontraditional in scope. My programs cover the taboo subjects of the human experience; death, sex, and everything in between; risky subjects in and of themselves. And absolutely the domain of Goddess and Shaman.”

You can catch me outside on a mountain hiking trail, serving up delicious food in my Holistic Health Cafe, or in my Sacred Circle online where I host monthly rituals, share my latest channeled messages and co-faciliate some of the most effective personal development programs available. For more visit

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Jan 24

Brandi! Welcome to Floor62! Thanks for this wonderful introduction. I will be looking forward to following your journey here! Let‘s grow together 🌟

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